Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silver Falls

I finally got the pictures on the computer from Silver Falls.  More then a week ago, trent and I went to silver falls on a 10 mile hike through almost 10 different water falls.  It was HOT, but still very beautiful.  Every chance Trent had he would be climbing on things and getting as close to the water falls as possible.  I guess he will never grow up.  That could be a good thing though

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top Five!!!

Wow, I think this will be hard, only because I have a paper due tomorrow and I am in a bad mood because of it.

1. Temples.  Trent and I went to the temple with some friends yesterday and it was way fun.  It makes time fly by when you have someone you know sitting next to you.
2. Jogging.  I hate waking up for it, but it feels sooooo incredibly awesome afterwards.
3. The internet.  It's horrible when you misuse it, but such a blessing for job searches and research for classes.
4. Waxing.  Ladies need I say more?
5. Our Earth.  Yes go ahead and call me a tree hugging hippy, I don't care.  Wednesday was earth day and Oprah's show was awesome.  It made me cry, think, and hate myself.  I don't want to be preachy, but people need to think about everything they do from showering, cleaning, eating, to buying things that in reaction hurt our environment, animals and in turn us.  It is scary.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Top 5!!!

1. Good gas mileage! I just got 40 miles to the gallon last week. Awesome!!!
2. Sherbet ice cream. Yummy!!!
3. Tans.  However you get them; from the sun, lamps, or a spray.  I love them all.
4. Walks with my hubby.  Trent and I went on a really long walk down to the river today and skipped rocks.  I got 8 skips, oh ya!!! 
5. Naps!!!! They always make you feel better.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding pictures

I found these pictures on Sarah's facebook and loved them!!!!

Tulip Festival!!!

Trent and I went to the Woodburn Tulip Festival this week.  They said the season is a week behind so it isn't at it's "wow" factor.  It was still beautiful.  It was fun getting out and walking around.  I guess they have a photo contest.  Should I send a pic in?  Which one?  Oh, the color after downloading it sucks, so think of the it alot more vibrant.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Awesome Husbands!!

 We went to look for a backpack for Trent at Ross yesterday and of course I wandered into the purse section and found this adorable purse that I wanted for the summer time.  Trent asked if I really needed it because we don't have jobs and we need to be good with our money.  Man I hate it when he is responsible and right.  So, I put it back and was sad.  I was surprised this morning after I got out of the shower with the purse and a note that said "happy ten months' on the bed.  He went and got it after his morning class.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful husband.  I love you Trent.

Trent's Birthday!!!

On Friday April 10th it was Trent's 23rd Birthday.  Man he is getting old.  It was an awesome day, I felt like it was my birthday too.  The day before I went to the Britney Spears concert with Tait (his sister) and didn't get back until 4am.  It was all the way up in Tacoma, WA.  I'll never do that again.  Well unless it is Brad Paisely (Yummy).  So, I got to sleep in till 10 or 11 and it felt great.  After Trent's classes we went to Olive Garden to eat and it was sooooo delicious.  Here is a great tip, if it is really busy (we would have had to wait 45 minutes) ask to sit in the bar area and you get right in.  We were out before we would have gotten in.  We went home and watched a movie and had birthday cake.  I made Trent an ice cream cake with a turtle on top.  That is the only turtle I could find and it is scarey as heck.  hahaha!!!!  It was a good day!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top 5!!!

So, my bestest of best friends (Sarahray) does a top 10 every week on her blog and I absolutely love it.  I am going to steal that idea, but only do 5 things.  I tried to think of ten things, but I couldn't do it and wondered how in the heck can Sarah do this each week.  Then it hit me, she is a writer, duh!!!!  She can write anything and everything in like 5 minutes.  It is a true talent and I will be envious forever.  Anyways so here it goes, my top 5 things I love and am grateful for this week. Maybe someday I will work up to 10.


1. iPod's. Running is soooooo boring.  If it wasn't for my Mamma Mia and Britney on my pink iPod I wouldn't be able to do my measly run every morning.

2. Birthdays.  Trent's was on friday and mine was last saturday.  Having a whole day to be all about you is awesome.

3. Tape.  Last night our toilet broke, it was the plug thing in the back tank.  Thankfully tape was the fix, at least for today.

4. Husbands that cook.  Trent sometimes comes into the kitchen when I am cooking and starts to help, but then takes over which is totally fine with me!

5. Chocolate Cadbury Eggs. The little ones.  I got them for Trent for Easter, but of course I ate them too. Yum


I think either Trent or I, or both have gone back to Gresham at least once a week since we have moved down to Salem.  It is teasing me.  I love Gresham and being close to family, living in the country, hearing our duckies quack, and watching my Riley (the baby boy I watched).  I have pictures all around our house in calendars, on magnet boards, computer backgrounds that I took of our home in Gresham. I thought I would let everyone see how beautiful our home is.  And hopefully I will find more places that are just as beautiful down here in Salem.  


Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to Salem

This is our second week down in Salem (we are actually in Keizer, but it's basically the same thing).  We are on the out skirts of keizer with farms and nurseries right down the street and we love it ( it reminds us of home).  We also have a hiking trail around the corner.  Last sunday we went walking there because it's sunday and there is nothing else to do.   We ended up at the Willamette skipping rocks and watching two Bald Eagles flying around the river.  It's beautiful, but not quite home.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So Trent and I are huge animal lovers, but we are unable to have big ones like cats and dogs at our apartment in Salem.  I have two cats and ducks at home and trent has a turtle, so we had to pick the turtle.  Her name is Broadway, 17 years old and beautiful.  She took a bath today and loved it and walked around checking out her new digs.

Meet the Morgans

I thought for our first post you should see our wedding slideshow.  It is amazingly adorable.  Enjoy!