Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top 5!!!

Another week, WOW!!! They go by fast.

1. The warm weather. Only wish I was at a pool or beach.
2. My family came down for the day. We went to church, made pizza, and walked to the river. FUN!
3. Self Tanner. Spray or lotion... love it all.
4. My husband. He works hard in his fire fighting school and he loves it.
5. Morning runs.  They make you feel strong and healthy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A face only a mother could love!!!

Today was HOT!!!!! All morning Broadway was in her water bowl trying to cool off.  So Cute!!!!!

Yummy worms for Broadway!  Trent finds worms in the morning for Broadway and she goes crazy for them.


This use to be our view from our house in Gresham... now our view is of a parking lot. hmmmm

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top Five!!!

This has been a really boring week, so work with me on my top picks. 

1. Good Health- you never know how good you have it until it is gone, like not coughing every 10 seconds.
2. Kitty Cats- I don't know why I love them, I just do.  They are sooooo freakin' cute.
3. Strawberries- so yummy!
4. Nice Weather- The sun just puts you in the best mood.
5. Moms- I love going home and not having to do anything and having food made for me.  It is the best.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Riley!

Isn't he cute?

Top 5 for the week!!!

1. Babies.  I love them all, especially when they are cute and chill.
2. The dollar isle at Michaels. So many cute things.
3. Sarahray. It's crazy how a 30 minute phone call could change a frown upside down.
4. Mike and Ikes. Yummy!!!
5. Riley.  I love him and miss him everyday