Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our baby baby boy!

We had another ultrasound yesterday to check to see how things are going.  Everything is good and he is right on track with growth.  We didn't get a face shot, he was being shy and hiding.  The first are his little feet and the second is him waving his cute little hand.  So cute!!!!!

Here is my growing belly.  I feel like I am getting bigger each week.  I think there is no way I could get bigger, but I know I still have 3 more months of a growing baby.  I just hit the 27 weeks mark, but these pics were around the 26 mark (thats about 6 months).


This is how horrible I am...I only took 2 pictures of Thanksgiving.  These are the only physical memories we will have of Thanksgiving 2010.  So sad.   Well, Trent and I made our way up to Gresham to spend the holiday weekend with family and friends.  We celebrated Thanksgiving day with my mom and sister with a yummy Turkey dinner and dessert.  We made our way to Trent's moms house later for another dessert that same night.  We were all in a sugar coma, but it was delicious.  We spent the rest of the weekend shopping and visiting with friends and family.  Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner number 2 at Trent's moms house with his family.  Again a very yummy dinner and fun time with family.  Hopefully, next year I will do better with pictures.  Hope you all had a wonderful and yummy weekend.