Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If you didn't know....

   It's a BOY!!!!! Yay for boys.  Okay I totally thought it was a girl this whole time, but I am not at all disappointed.  We found out a couple weeks ago...i moved up the appointment, I couldn't wait.  Well, everything looks great, he is growing and developing right on time. No we do not have any names picked out.  We are still making a list and probably will not decide until we meet the little guy.  

Catch Up

                                                                      Leanna Banana

Way back in the beginning of September Trent and I took a mini road trip to Utah for a couple of weddings.  We stayed with our friends Mandy and Mike, who just had baby, Leanna.  We had so much fun seeing family at my cousin Macy's wedding.  It was the first time for Trent to meet most of my family (dad's side) which was exciting.  We also were able to meet up with some of Trent's mission friends, who spent the whole night reminiscing and laughing about the good old days in Portugal. 

Bruce and Holly's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple.  

All the boys.
The new daddies!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 year photos

We procrastinate every year.  My sister snapped a couple pictures of Trent and I for our 2nd year pictures.  We had to hurry because I was getting big and fat with a belly.  So keep that in mind when looking at the pictures (Im pregnant not fat).