Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trent's Graduation

Trent graduated from the Fire Program this past saturday.  He also was nominated as CAPTAIN of the year.  Thats my man!!!!  Trent's mom and sisters, my mom, sister, and grandparents came down and wore t-shirts for Trent.  Now that he is done with Fire Fighting it is on to Paramedics, which starts at the end of Sept.

The Ranch

Im finally getting pictures up from the ranch.  I am so lazy I know.  Hey but you try growing a baby and tell me how much energy you have. 
The ranch was once again way fun with tons of people this year.  We celebrated Tess' birthday, played at the lake, and ate lots of food. Can't wait for next year with our little baby

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Knocked Up!!!

We are PREGNANT!!! Yay for us.  We are so excited to be having a baby. I am around 11 weeks this week and starting to feel better everyday (knock on wood). Last week we went and got our first ultrasound, which was so cool because we saw her ( yes until we know for sure- it is a HER because that is what I think it is) moving around and everything.  She moved her legs and head. It was awesome.  We think we are due around March 3rd- we will have a better idea at our next ultrasound.  I will keep you updated on our little baby's progress.