Thursday, July 15, 2010


We got a kitty cat.  I found her at work crying outside.  All her brothers and sisters got eaten by a raccoon. So sad.  So I had to bring her home.  Her name is Tennessee ( or CC for short).  She was so shy when I first brought her home, now she is a terror.  She attacks our feet when we walk, bites our fingers, bounce attacks us when we are laying on the couch, always drinks out of our water glass, and wants to eat everything that we are eating. Basically she is a 2 year old.  Hopefully it is a phase.  

It has been hot so we made our way down to the river.  It's nice to cool off for a while.

I can't believe my little baby girl is graduating to High School.  Make me feel so old.  She looked gorgeous.

The boys got tired. So cute!!!

The Beach

We went to the beach again.  We love it there.  Trent went surfing while I read a book on the beach.  

2nd Year Anniversary!!!

For our 2nd Year Anniversary, Trent and I went to Skamania Lodge.  It wasn't the best weather, but that didn't keep us from hiking and having fun.  We hiked Beacon Rock. Trent loved finding rocks that were climbable and I met a friend (a chipmunk) at the top of the rock that wanted to share my apple. 

The ZOO: We stopped by the zoo before we headed up to Skamania Lodge.  We hadn't been for a while, it was fun seeing all the new animals they had gotten.