Monday, March 5, 2012

Henry is 1

One year ago i met the cutest (okay he was kind of weird looking) little baby boy. He finally popped out after 12 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing. It's funny because my sister was looking at his birth pictures and I'm crying in some and she asked if it was because i finally got to see and hold Henry. I answered....NO I was so relieved he was finally out and I didn't have to push anymore. Henry has been the best blessing to mine and Trent's lives. He is such a happy and fun baby. Henry loves other little kids, loves to try and keep up with them and do what they do. I swear he is the smartest baby (i know all parents say that). He knows so much, he understands so much. Henry loves animals and if you ask where one is, he will point it out to you. So far Henry knows turtle, kitty, dog, lion, rooster, duck. Is working on cow, tiger, horse, hippo, pig, and more. Tomorrow we have his 1 year check up, so I will keep you posted on his stats.

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