Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Updates

Here are some random pictures of what is going on in our life...really not that much.
Henry's favorite things to do are reading his books (serious we can sit for an hour reading books and he would be fine) and to be naked, sometimes both at the same time.

Henry started swimming lessons in January. He loves watching the other kids more then doing stuff himself, but still has fun.

Henry has a new cousin. Dakota Ann Whittaker was born January 10th. He gives her kisses and thats about it.

Henry had his first snow. He was sick so he only got to touch it, but loved watching it fall through the window.
Everything has been going pretty good. No big or exciting news. I'm at home with Henry busy being a mom. Trent is staying busy doing welding work at a local farm and making reclaimed wood tables. He has already sold 3 and has a couple lined up to be built. So if anyone wants one let us know. Henry is almost one year, has 7 teeth, walks, says lots of words and sounds, loves his kitty and jumping on his bed.

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